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Trauma to Triumph after mTBI Concussion

February 23, 2022 Samantha Wendt
Trauma to Triumph after mTBI Concussion

The date is January 31, 2016, a normal day for the Wendt Household until the oldest complains of an ear ache. On their way back to the pharmacist is when life would change forever because they were involved in a motor vehicle accident. They went to ER via ambulance where Samantha or her oldest were never neck braced or put on a backboard. In fact, Samantha walked into the ER where she remembers telling one EMT she was getting dizzy. While at the ER, there was no imaging done and concussion protocol done.

To get further diagnosis, in March/April of 2017 she was diagnosed with celiac and multiple food intolerances which turned into allergies. But if all of this wasn’t fantastic enough, 21 months after the accident Samantha was diagnosed with a broken hand and rushed into surgery 1 week later. This surgery was risky with her TBI and allergies, but after an almost 4 hour surgery, she now has three fused joints in her dominant hand.

Flash forward to Sept 28, 2020, Samantha embarked on a journey to not only take back her life, but help others along the way as she started school to become a master herbalist. She finished school on her five year anniversary and is now a Certified Master Herbalist. Shortly after she went back to school to become a Certified ZYTO Specialist and opened Empowered by Nature Wellness Center LLC. Then in Oct 2021 became a Certified SHAPED ReClaimed Practitioner.

She now empowers others to reclaim their wellness. Samantha’s big saying is, “you are more than your brain injury and how your mindset is for healing is how your outcome will be.” You are stronger than you know!

Yes, Samantha will have her mTBI Chronic Post Concussion Syndrome, but she is on the path of holistically healing herself! You too can have a trauma to triumph story if you choose!

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