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Yes, life is filled with obstacles, but there is always hope!

July 16, 2021 Sarah Deberry
Yes, life is filled with obstacles, but there is always hope!

I was 8 years old when I ran across a street for some ice cream and was hit by a car. I had major brain trauma, was paralyzed and in a coma for eight days. No one thought I would make it, or be able to do anything with my life. But I saw a huge light immediately after my accident, and someone told me it wasn’t my time yet.

I spent months relearning how to talk, walk and eat… with my mother tempting me with my favorites like macaroni and cheese. The accident damaged the right side of my brain, and I have involuntary movements in my left arm. I also have short-term memory loss, and sometimes it’s hard to move and talk.

There were more roadblocks, and some of those came from my own family. I had so many people telling me I couldn’t do this or that. They wanted to hold me back.

The people closest to someone with a traumatic brain injury should know that the person has the motivation and the drive to push through it. Let them do it! Don’t try to pull them back!

Before one of my surgeries I made a deal with God and said that if I lived through it, I would write a book. And I did! It’s called “My Second Chance at Life.” I poured my heart out in it. I hope that sharing my story will make a big difference.

With my book, I want to change how people see those of us with TBI. Yes, we talk and look a little different. But so what? We’re still people too.

But my biggest motivation is to inspire everyone to go after their dreams, no matter how big their setbacks. Friends and family should tell their loved ones to keep on trying. If you’re the one with the injury, believe in yourself.

A lot of my life changed after my accident, but some things are the same. I’m happy to admit that ice cream and macaroni and cheese are still two of my favorite foods.

“My Second Chance at Life” can be purchased on Amazon and other book retailers. I am donating 10% of proceeds for each book sold to the hospital that saved my life: Children’s Hospital of Oakland.

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