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We have many opportunities for the brain injury community to advocate for brain injury causes. Read on to see how to get involved with our letter writing campaign and see a series of informational videos for tips on how to get involved with brain injury advocacy.

Download our Advocacy Materials

If you are planning on doing any advocacy work at the state or federal level, download our advocacy materials to see what our priorities are and what you should be speaking to your legislators about.

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Write Your Members of Congress

Thank you so much for your desire to make your voice heard by participating in this year’s letter writing campaign! Here’s some important and helpful information to consider while writing your letter.

There is a sample letter below, which explains why you are writing, the importance of getting the TBI Act reauthorized, and what you are asking your legislator to do. There’s some information about brain injury and the bill in a section before you insert your story; another section with more information and the ask closes the letter. The “your story” section is highlighted in the letter template below. This is the most important part of the letter, and we want you to let your legislator know how the TBI Act is helping or has helped your recovery journey, or how it could help others if the programs were expanded. Here are some tips to help you complete this section.

  • Start working on this section now.
  • Listen to BIAA’s webinars, read through the Policy Briefs and take some time and think about why this bill is important to you.
  • More information on some of the specific items in the bill can be found in the Policy Briefs on BIAA’s Legislative Action Center which can help you fill out the letter.
  • Be as concise as possible when you tell your story but be impactful. Remember staff members read many letters every day; don’t make yours so long they give up.
  • When you have your story completed, combine it with the sample letter below into one document.

Once you’re ready to send your letter, fill in out the form below. All you have to do is:

  • Enter your address, and the addresses for your Congressional member and both Senators will be located.
  • Copy and paste your letter in the space provided. Remember to update the opening with the names of your elected officials once you get them.
  • Hit send!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to Anne McDonnell at, BIAA’s Advocacy and Affiliate Specialist, and she’ll see what she can do to help.

Download the letter template below to get started.


Informational Videos

BIAA has put together several videos explaining how to get involved in brain injury advocacy. Included below are two videos from members of BIAA’s Brain Injury Survivor Council which explain the various ways you can be an advocate for brain injury causes, and a video explaining the details of Brain Injury Awareness Day.

Brain Injury Advocacy: A Survivor’s Perspective Part 1

Brain Injury Advocacy: A Survivor’s Perspective Part 2

Brain Injury Advocacy: A Survivor’s Perspective Part 3

Brain Injury Awareness Day: The Why, How, When, and Where

Brain Injury Awareness Day: Telling Our Story