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Brenda Eagan-Johnson


Dr. Brenda Eagan-Johnson, CBIST understands brain injury from the personal and professional perspectives, as an advocate and family member. Her brother sustained a severe TBI when they were teenagers, which is where her passion in the field began. She has directed the nationally recognized brain injury school consulting program, BrainSTEPS in Pennsylvania since 2007. BrainSTEPS supports school-based needs of students with all severities of acquired brain injury. Dr. Eagan-Johnson is also an adjunct instructor at George Washington University where she teaches coursework in brain injury. Her doctorate is in Mind, Brain, & Teaching (educational neuroscience) from Johns Hopkins University. She serves on the Board of Governors for the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists under the Brain Injury Association of America. Spearheading development of PA’s Return to Learn Concussion school-based model, she has trained over 2,800 concussion teams. She co-led the 1st Concussion Return to Learn Consensus which was published and carries the endorsement of many national organizations.

Additionally, over the past decade, Dr Eagan-Johnson has been an invited speaker numerous times in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia to promote federal and state legal aid funding to states for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) & child abuse. Her speaking engagements have included Congressional and Senate panel briefings, keynotes, and audiences of Supreme Court Justices. Dr. Eagan-Johnson served on the executive board for her local Crisis Shelter and is an active member of the ENIGMA Brain Injury IPV workgroup, using her expertise focused on the intersection of IPV, child abuse, child neuro-development, and brain injury.

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