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All Panelists
Heidi Reyst

Heidi Reyst


  • Affiliation: Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.

Heidi Reyst Ph.D., CBIST is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, and is a member of the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists. She is an advocate for ensuring that those who work with brain injured individuals are trained in the specific issues salient to brain injury. Dr. Reyst has experience on both the care side as a rehabilitation assistant and residential program manager, and the administrative side as a program director, systems director, and director of clinical administration. She is the recipient of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s Legacy Society, “Professional Service Award” for her involvement in advocating for those with brain injuries, and for her training of individuals working in the field of brain injury through the ACBIS program.


Within the last 24 months, have you rendered, or in the next two years, will you render clinical services or support services (whether diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, case management, or similar) to persons with TBI or their family members and caregivers, as an independent professional or employee of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?: Yes

Within the past 24 months, I or one of my “immediate family members” received personal compensation for the following: Has corporate appointments; has 12. Ownership or part ownership of a for-profit entity that provides clinical procedures, laboratory or imaging studies that overlap with the TBI guideline

Do you have one or more significant nonfinancial competing interests?: ACBIS BOARD OF GOVERNORS

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