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Jean Rush

Jean Rush


  • Affiliation: Maya Medical Centers SC

Jean Rush is a neuroscientist and nurse with extensive experience from basic to applied neuroscience and translational medicine. She received her BSN at Rush University Medical Center and served as a Captain in the USAF Nurse Corp until she herself received a TBI and was honorably discharged. She holds a Nurse Practitioners Certificate in adult medicine, and was part of the committee for the Michele Obama/Jill Biden Joining Forces/AACN/DVA Curriculum TBI Toolkit in 2013. Rush has specialized as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the neurosciences since 1987 working with neurologists and neurosurgeons throughout Chicago. She is currently in private practice and working toward her doctorate in nursing practice.


Within the last 24 months, have you rendered, or in the next two years, will you render clinical services or support services (whether diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, case management, or similar) to persons with TBI or their family members and caregivers, as an independent professional or employee of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization? Worked as the TBI NP & Program Manager at the Veterans Administration in Chicago. 40+ hours per week for over 2 years. March 2014, I joined an internal medicine private practice where I work with adults and older adults in skilled and long term care. I have approximately 1% of my new practice with TBI. Patients are assigned to me so I can not bias my patient load. I believe that would increase my knowledge base and understanding of translational research, but I do not believe it would influence recommendations for the guidelines.

Within the past 24 months, I or one of my “immediate family members” received personal compensation for the following: I am a Clinical Expert for Elsevier when they need editing for Nursing Skills. I reviewed mental health issues, but nothing regarding TBI or neuroscience; about 1% of my patients could be considered TBI. I have no one now and I am salaried so my income does not have anything to do with whom I see; I am a visiting professor at Chamberlain College of Nursing this summer. I am also going for my DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) on line with University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa.

Within the past 24 months and during the three-year course of the project under consideration, I or one of my immediate family members received or will receive financial or material research support or compensation from the following: I was an APN in Neuroscience then went into the USAF and had a TBI with post TBI seizures. I am 10% service connected disability because of that. I went on to get my NP and work extensively in the world of Neuroscience nursing. I will receive a monthly stipend whether or not I participate so I do not believe that will bias guidelines; visiting professor Chamberlain College of Nursing-part-time.

In the past 24 months and during the three-year course of the project under consideration, I or one of my immediate family members held/will hold stock or stock options or received/will receive expense compensation for serving on a board of directors: I have stock that is managed by a Stock broker and he chooses them and reinvests. I do not know what many of them do.

Do you have one or more significant nonfinancial competing interests? Not competing but I helped to develop Michelle Obama/Jill Bidens TBI educational guidelines for AACN over a year ago. Reviewed literature and developed best practice to teach Nurses about TBI for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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