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Blink Once For Yes Featured on Snap Judgment

June 17, 2017

"Blink Once For Yes," an audio documentary recounting the story of the Fecile family’s experience with traumatic brain injury (TBI), is being featured across the country on Snap Judgment. Listeners can hear the full documentary online here.

About "Blink Once For Yes"

Michael Fecile, John’s younger brother, sustained a TBI during a four-story fall and passed away four years later, in 2015. The documentary first aired on the Love + Radio podcast.

In sharing their story, the Fecile family wanted others facing the same challenges to know that they weren’t alone. They also wanted to raise money for a partner organization dedicated to helping those with TBI and their families. Michael's injury was a terrifying ordeal, with no roadmap. The Brain Injury Association of Association of America aims to provide such a roadmap. Donations made in Michael's name will help fund the National Brain Injury Information Center, a hotline that connects people affected by brain injury with resources and a network of support.

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