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Beyond the Strikes: A Journey of Reslience

April 2, 2024
Beyond the Strikes: A Journey of Reslience

In the heart of Central Pennsylvania, amidst the rolling hills and quaint towns, there resides a story
of unyielding perseverance; a tale of Marisa, a woman who faced the unimaginable and emerged
stronger than before.

Marisa’s journey began in the corridors of a public school, where she dedicated herself to shaping
young minds as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Her days were filled with laughter, learning, and
the joy of helping others find their voice. But fate had a different plan in store.
It was a frigid winter morning when the first strike came; a swift blow to the head from a troubled
student. The shock reverberated through Marisa’s being, leaving her dazed and disoriented. As the
days passed, the physical pain faded, but the mental anguish lingered, casting a shadow over her
once bright spirit.

Years went by, and Marisa found herself back in the halls of another public school, eager to resume
her calling. In a cruel twist of fate, history repeated itself with a second blow to the head, another
assault on her very being.

Thirty strikes. Thirty blows that tore through the fabric of Marisa’s existence, leaving behind a
shattered shell of the woman she once was. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy,
each session a painful reminder of all that she had lost. But in the darkness, a flicker of light
remained, and a glimmer of hope that refused to be extinguished.
Aphasia became her constant companion, robbing her of words and leaving her adrift in a sea of
confusion. The once eloquent Speech-Language Pathologist found herself struggling to string
together coherent sentences, her thoughts slipping through her grasp like sand through clenched

Gone were the days of impassioned sermons and inspirational speeches. Marisa’s voice, once a
beacon of hope for so many, had been silenced by the fists of disruptive students. Nevertheless in
the silence, she found solace and a quiet strength to endure.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, as Marisa embarked on a journey of selfdiscovery. A journey of learning to navigate a world that no longer made sense. Each day brought
new challenges, new obstacles to overcome, but with each small victory, Marisa found herself
growing stronger, more resilient, more determined than ever before.

If Marisa could offer words of encouragement to those facing a similar diagnosis, she would tell
them this; “Your suffering is not eternal.” Like the ever-present sky, there is always a reminder that
the sun still shines, even on the darkest of days. Though the road may be long and fraught with
obstacles, there is always a glimmer of light on the horizon.
As Marisa gazes out at the world with light sensitive eyes filled with hope and determination, we are
reminded that no matter how many strikes life may throw our way, we are never truly out. For in the
end, it is not the blows we endure that define us, but rather, the courage with which we face them to
find beauty in the brokenness and strength in the struggle.
Beyond the Strikes: A Journey of Resilience

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