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My faith and hard work in rehabilitation helped me through the storms.

May 12, 2022

I had a clot in my brain in 2016. Please advocate for your health at all times!

I had excessive menstrual bleeding for years, but my cycle became worse. However, I don’t blame the menstrual cycle for the stroke alone.

My last year in school I took a Thyrogen shot to see if I had any abnormal cell in my body. A few weeks later after taking the shot I was at a gas service and become very disoriented and confused. I couldn’t get out door or pump my gas. Then, I started projectile vomiting all at the way to hospital. I was walking sideways and had serious balance issues.

The hospital stated it was the flu. However, I went to several neurologists and they thought I had MS. I continued having fatigue and numbness in my face.

I started a job at Emory and on the second week on the job I passed out. Twelve hours later Emory confirmed I had a clot in my carotid. I had an emergency surgery. The clot had broken in three places in the brain and the doctors told my brother I may never walk or talk again.

The next day, I was in the hospital walking and talking. I was the only person in the hospital floor able to walk. It was a miracle from the Lord. I have to write, recognize letters, and numbers over again but it all came back time with OT, PT, Speech, and Jesus’s daily intervention and strength to go forward. After the stroke I couldn’t open a door, a jar, cut my toes, fasten buttons, brush my teeth with right hand, and lived alone with me and Jesus. My reading and writing were limited, but much better five years later. I continued to visit PT on occasion and still a little fatigued. God has truly blessed me and restored my health. I truly say my good days out weigh my bad days.

Some days I am still a little fatigued, but never took disability. I have returned to full employment, drive my car, go the gym, gospel concerts, volunteer for brain injury center, nursing home, attend church, and serve others a God’s lead me. If God healed me and helped me, then he can heal you and help anybody who trust and believe in him. Trust Jesus for healing and your strength. 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

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