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Daniel, Cindy

Cindy Daniel

North Carolina

Cindy Daniel is a motivational speaker and one of the nation’s leading experts in disability advocacy and awareness. With over 25 years of involvement with disability law compliance and in developing and implementing policies and procedures for individuals with disabilities while she was on the President’s Committee on Employment of Disabilities, she has become passionate about the prevention and treatment of brain injury.

As the National Disability Coordinator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, she found there was a lack of expertise in the area of disaster-related brain injury. This fueled her desire to ensure that people have the expertise needed to treat this injury in other arenas. Her experience makes her uniquely qualified to organize and disseminate best practices in the field of sports concussions.

In 2009, Ms. Daniel embarked on a mission to develop appropriate educational videos for the understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injury.Numerous survivors and practitioners were interviewed to produce Brain Injury: Voices of a Silent Epidemic to explore in depth the concerns regarding treatment and recovery.

Having developed national protocols for people with disabilities enduring a disaster and then focusing on brain injury educational materials, Ms. Daniel now proposes to follow a similar process in the development of a Concussion/TBI Bill with a National Clearinghouse to provide vetted resources and information on brain injuries from national experts in the field of brain injuries.

Her experience in the past years of topics that she presents about brain injuries ensures that people with disabilities, especially individuals who sustain a brain injury has the resources and support they need to have the quality of life that they choose. Cindy is a passionate advocate for the community that she represents and serves but most of all proudly belongs, working to address issues that for so long have gone unresolved.

Other Training/Presentations

Criminal Justice Training on Understanding People with Disabilities, especially people with brain injuries

Law Enforcement Training on Understanding People with Disabilities, especially people with brain injuries

Emergency Preparedness for a Person with a Disability, especially a person who has sustained a brain injury

Emergency Preparedness on how to support a person with a disability, especially a person who has sustained a brain injury



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