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BIAA and TeachAids Kick Off Partnership During Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 26, 2020

Vienna, Va. – To commemorate Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), the nation’s oldest and largest brain injury advocacy organization, is proud to announce a new partnership with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in global education innovation. Their combined resources, coupled with their existing collaborations, promises to have a profound impact on arming people across the nation with the latest concussion education.

TeachAids’ CrashCourse aims to raise awareness of the latest science around concussions to shift the conversation away from fear and silence toward one of knowledge and empowerment. The base curriculum is offered in both HD and Virtual Reality and includes a short interactive film. The video helps correct common myths and misconceptions and enables young people and parents to better recognize and address symptoms of a concussion. Advisors for the program include dozens of leading medical experts from across the nation.

John D. Corrigan, Ph.D., member of BIAA’s Board of Directors and medical advisor for CrashCourse, remarked, “I am excited that two such outstanding organizations dedicated to the advancement and knowledge of brain health are working together. Collectively, BIAA and CrashCourse represent a meaningful and impressive collaboration which has the potential to benefit millions of people in the United States and beyond.”

Through its National Brain Injury Information Center and a nationwide network of chartered state affiliates, BIAA provides help, hope, and healing to individuals living with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them. The Association offers training and certification through its Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists, supports new research and treatment guidelines, and advocates for quality healthcare through legislative action. BIAA will be including the CrashCourse materials on its website, allowing anyone to learn from this compelling medium.

“Our mission is to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury,” said Susan Connors, President and CEO of Brain Injury Association of America. “Distributing CrashCourse by TeachAids moves our mission forward, providing essential and comprehensive education that is well-researched and truly impactful.”

“We are proud to announce our partnership with BIAA during Brain Injury Awareness Month,” said Piya Sorcar, CEO of TeachAids. “BIAA is an incredible and respected organization that seeks approaches for a widespread understanding of concussions and brain injuries. We are grateful to be a part of that effort.”

The CrashCourse curriculum will be available starting today via BIAA’s website. The program is also available for free on the TeachAids website.


About the Brain Injury Association of America:

The Brain Injury Association of America is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization. Our mission is to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury. We are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury.

About TeachAids

TeachAids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social venture that creates breakthrough software addressing numerous persistent problems in health education around the world. CrashCourse is the second free health education program launched by TeachAids in collaboration with Stanford University, following the global success of its award-winning HIV/AIDS interactive software, which is used in 82 countries around the world. For more information on TeachAids, visit or follow us on Twitter @TeachAids, Facebook @TeachAids, YouTube at TeachAids, and Instagram at @teachaids.

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