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Name Title Email Address Phone
Rick Willis President and CEO rwillis/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 646
Sarah Augustoski Program Specialist saugustoski/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 632
Greg Ayotte Director of Consumer Services gayotte/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 642
Stephanie Cohen Development Manager scohen/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 645
Paula Eichholz Senior Director of Development peichholz/at/ (703) 761-0755 x 648
Sara Fowdy Director of Certification, Training & Testing sfowdy/at/ 703-761-0750 x 631
Amy Goulston Database Coordinator agoulston/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 634
Leith Graham Information & Resource Specialist lgraham/at/ 800-444-6443
Stephani Kelly Senior Director of Outreach and Impact skelly/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 628
Laura Ksycewski Education Program Coordinator LKsycewski/at/ 703-761-0750 x 625
Katie Logan Program Specialist klogan/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 636
Kelly Marker Bookkeeper kmarker/at/ 703-761-0750 x 653
Heather Matty Information & Resource Specialist braininjuryinfo/at/ 703-761-0750 x 652
Anne McDonnell Advocacy and Affiliate Specialist amcdonnell/at/ (703) 761-0750
Lauren Moore Marketing and Communications Manager lmoore/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 630
Karie Schmitz Communications Coordinator kschmitz/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 647
Steve Walsh Senior Director of Marketing and Communications swalsh/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 643
Tonia Williams Customer Service Specialist customerservice/at/ 703-761-0750 x 620

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