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Name Title Email Address Phone
Sarah Augustoski Senior Customer Service Specialist customerservice/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 620
Greg Ayotte Director of Consumer Services gayotte/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 642
Robbie Baker Vice President/CDO rbaker/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 648
Stephanie Cohen Development Manager scohen/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 645
​Susan Connors ​President/CEO ​sconnors/at/ ​703-761-0750
Tiffany Epley Professional Services Programs Coordinator tepley/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 632
Sara Fowdy Director of Certification, Training & Testing sfowdy/at/ 703-761-0750 x 631
Amy Goulston Database Coordinator agoulston/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 634
Leith Graham Information & Resource Specialist lgraham/at/ 800-444-6443
Maya S. Horowitz Director of Marketing & Communications mhorowitz/at/ ​703-761-0750 X 630
Stephani Kelly Director of Education Programs skelly/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 628
Laura Ksycewski Education Program Coordinator LKsycewski/at/ 703-761-0750 x 625
Kelly Marker Bookkeeper kmarker/at/ 703-761-0750 x 653
Heather Matty Information & Resource Specialist braininjuryinfo/at/ 800-444-6443
Carrie Mosher Director of Sales cmosher/at/ 703-761-0750 x 640
Mary S. Reitter Executive Vice President/COO ​mreitter/at/ ​703-761-0750 x 623
Karie Schmitz Digital Marketing Specialist kschmitz/at/ (703) 761-0750 x 647
Steve Walsh Marketing and Communications Manager swalsh/at/ (703) 761-0750 643

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