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All FAQs

Where can I locate COVID-19 information and resources for my state?

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COVID-19 resources, restrictions, and guidance continue to evolve with time. Members of the brain injury community may want to remain particularly cognizant of developments because, for many individuals, specific healthcare circumstances make this virus a unique concern.

Cities, counties, states, and the national government update policies on a regular basis. It is important to stay abreast of the latest developments by checking a variety of reliable sources. To ensure to find timely, accurate, and practical information, the Brain Injury Association of America recommends monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Administration for Community Living websites. For information relevant to individual states, visit the “State by State Links” section of the Administration for Community Living page or scroll down on this page to find local information from State Health Department COVID-19 pages.

BIAA also recommends that individuals consult with their doctor(s) to determine the specific best course of action for them as the pandemic continues.

State Health Department COVID-19 Links


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