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Chanters Syndrome

November 1, 2023
Chanters Syndrome

On 07/26/23 my brother was found unconscious. Ultimately he was diagnosed with Chanters syndrome. After a 2 week Neuro ICU stay, he is at the VA. We were hoping for transfer to a polytrauma rehab within in the VA. He was denied due to short term memory loss, and wandering. He requires a sitter due to his inability to navigate his environment outside of his room. So currently, he is in a room at the VA, receiving OT and PT, but potentially languishing.

I am finding that less than 1% of his health care team have even heard of Chanters. It is a newer syndrome. I am also concerned that his providers may be “writing him off” and are recommending long term care. He is fresh in his journey and I feel that we may be missing out on resources that may be available to him. I am doing my best to advocate for my brother and get him the best care at the best time. I am floundering right now.

I am his healthcare POA, and am a nurse. However, I have never navigated TBI professionally or personally. As a nurse, Chanters Syndrome is interesting physiologically. I hope to update in the next 6 months with a good outcome, and can contribute to this group.

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