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My Brain Injury Journey

March 8, 2024
My Brain Injury Journey

My brain injury occurred in May of 2017. I was stuck by a car traveling 48mph while crossing the street in downtown Phoenix walking back to my vehicle after an event. I sustained numerous injuries, some of which healed, and others, to include a concussion and traumatic brain injury, I am still living with the effects of today. Prior to sustaining the brain injury, I was an active self-employed yoga and wellness professional and single mom living a vibrant life full of activity and independence. My trajectory took a total 180 after the TBI, with debilitating symptoms such as chronic migraines, fatigue, vestibular issues and difficulties with memory making many of the things I was able to do before, impossible.

If I had to summarize my brain injury journey in one word, it would be “resilience”. Learning how to adapt to the physical, emotional and mental changes and challenges that go along with having a brain injury has shown me just how strong I truly am. My brain injury journey has shown me that vulnerability and transparency are also a big part of resilience, and there is no shame in receiving help when it’s needed. I’m eternally grateful to my family for helping me to be resilient and face the numerous challenges I’ve encountered during my brain injury journey.

Knowing what I know now about brain injury and recovery, I would advise others who have recently had a brain injury to be gentle with themselves. Listen to your medical providers, but you are the one who is experiencing the brain injury as well as the one who is living with how your symptoms affect your daily life. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you figure out what works for you, and don’t allow the opinions of others to dictate what you know to be right for you in your “new normal”.

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