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Nearly lost my life, yet gained everything

February 28, 2023 Kristin Crafton
Nearly lost my life, yet gained everything

Mothers Day of 2021, I’m told was just a normal day for us. Being a mom of 4, Mother’s Day is a special day around our house. I walked our dogs to potty and in a single moment my entire life changed. I was found at the base of my porch stairs, with no recollection whatsoever of what happened. I had an immediate emergency craniectomy, in effort to save my life. Spent days in CCU with a large portion of my skull removed and my family praying desperately for swelling in my brain to subside. I spent nearly 6 weeks away from my children during this ordeal, with no indication of what my future may hold. I lost function of my left side in this injury and much of my cognitive capability was affected, I stayed in rehab for 16 months working to recover even the basic functions. I lived months of my life in a helmet, as the skull was not replaced until my condition was stabilized and a Cranioplasty performed to replace the large deficit in the skull. I can’t recall a single moment of my journey independently, but my Husband shares painful memories of it often. By the Grace of God, I have recovered. My life is not what it once was, but maybe it is better? In that moment, I lost so much. I lost my memory, partial function of my body. I lost my career, I lost my confidence, I lost all of what I knew and was comfortable with. In turn I have gained everything. I’ve seen God in action, his works in my miraculous healing and through the many qualified healthcare professionals who cared for me. I gained clarity, I now know what is important in life and it’s not “things.” I laugh often & worry less. Disabilities are our opportunities to live differently. If walking this journey- keep going, don’t give up. Find beauty in your “new.” Let go of what was, it wasn’t necessarily meant to be. Love your family big and live each day as your last. Most of all, thank God for each day of life.  With the odds stacked well against me, I’ve survived a severe TBI.

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