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Buckfire Law Firm

Buckfire Law Firm

Serving: Michigan

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Buckfire Law is a top-rated Michigan personal injury law firm. We are dedicated to helping people who have suffered serious injuries and harm in car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

Our brain injury lawyers have been selected by the Brain Injury Association of America as Preferred Attorneys for Michigan, and our award-winning team has a passion for bringing justice to our clients.

The lawyer you choose might be the difference between winning a great settlement and receiving no settlement at all.  You need a skilled and dedicated personal injury attorney on your side to provide you with expert legal representation.

We represent all our clients under our No-Fee Promise. This means it will cost you no money to get your case started and we only earn a fee when you receive your settlement. Our fee is a percentage of the settlement award, so we are committed to winning you the highest possible settlement amount.

Our top-rated lawyers will assist you with your claims and make sure you receive maximum settlement for your injuries.

We have a reputation for meticulous case preparation — an approach that results in more than 99% of our cases settling before ever going to court and have received numerous honors and awards, including:


  • AV Rating 10.0 by the nationally respected Martindale-Hubbell service
  • Best Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer by the American Lawyer Academy
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers in United States
  • Best Detroit Accident Lawyer by Hour Magazine
  • Author of Several Books Legal Books to Accident & Injury Victims
  • Super Lawyers (Top 100 Lawyers in Michigan)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Society

Suffering a traumatic brain injury may force a person out of work despite the need for extensive medical treatment and assisted living care. This might make a person feel as though their situation is hopeless. However, you have legal options if you or a loved one was involved in an incident.

Navigating the claims process and legal system to seek compensation can be confusing and difficult for under-prepared claimants. Brain injury law is very complex and it is essential to have an experienced Michigan brain injury attorney on your side.

A tenacious and seasoned brain injury lawyer at Buckfire Law will explain your rights, investigate your circumstances, and work to build a claim that suits your needs.

Call (855) 365-5999 to speak with one of our compassionate Michigan lawyers and let us get started on your brain injury case today.


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