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Bolster Research for Traumatic Brain Injury

Categories: Brain Injury, Research | Download Bolster Research for Traumatic Brain Injury PDF

Fully Fund TBI Model Systems of Care

The TBI Model Systems are a collection of 16 research centers located across the United States that conduct disability and rehabilitation research under grants administered by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) of the Administration for Community Living. The TBI Model Systems are the only source of non-proprietary longitudinal data on what happens to people with brain injury across the lifespan. They are a key source of evidence-based medicine and serve as a “proving ground” for future researchers. TBI Model Systems sites work closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs on research to improve the treatment of Veterans with brain injuries.

  • Increase funding in FY2021 for NIDILRR’s TBI Model Systems of Care program so as to add one new Collaborative Research Project.
  • Over the next five years, the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force requests increased funding by $15 million to expand the TBI Model Systems program: 
    • Increase the number of multicenter TBI Model Systems Collaborative Research projects from one to three, each with an annual budget of $1 million;
    • Increase the number of competitively funded centers from 16 to 18 while increasing the per-center support by $200,000; and
    • Increase funding for the National Data and Statistical Center by $100,000 annually to allow all participants to be followed over their lifetime. 
  • Provide “line-item” status to the TBI Model Systems within the broader NIDILRR budget. 

BIAA gratefully acknowledges the Centre for Neuro Skills and Avanir Pharmaceuticals for their support for legislative action.

Download Bolster Research for Traumatic Brain Injury PDF