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BIAA - Texas Division

Advocacy & Awareness

Stay informed on the latest state policy impacted brain injury in Texas as well as important awareness-raising events.



The Brain Injury Association of America - Texas Division (BIAA) is the voice of brain injury in Austin. We tirelessly advocate for greater access to care for civilian and military populations, expanded brain injury research, adequate resources for our state's brain injury programs and increased awareness of brain injury issues, among other priorities.

Over the years, there have been various public policy wins for the brain injury community in Texas, including legislation requiring insurance to pay for brain injury rehabilitation and the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) program, a state program assisting Texans with important, necessary rehabilitation and treatment. We are extremely proud of the CRS program as it sets Texas’ treatment of brain injury apart from neighboring states.


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Since my son had a brain injury, I've worried about him every day. Will he get the support and help he needs to succeed in school? Will he go to college and have a rewarding career? Will he be able to live a long and happy life?

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has helped people like me and my son for decades, and I want the organization to be here for other families for decades to come. Your donation will help ensure that BIAA has the resources necessary to continue as the voice of brain injury, fighting on behalf of every member of the brain injury community.

- Molly Owens, mother of 10-year-old Daniel