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Media Engagement During Brain Injury Awareness Month

Categories: Public Awareness

Media engagement is vital during Brain Injury Awareness Month, and advocates like you are our greatest asset. We rely on you to share the message of help, hope, and healing locally. Distributing a press release or letter to the editor are great ways to increase awareness and understanding of brain injury. Download the templates above to raise awareness of the #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign and keep scrolling for tips and tricks to help you communicate with your local media.

Share a Press Release

Target your press release to local media outlets likely to cover events of your activities during Brain Injury Awareness Month. Check the outlet’s website for contact information and address your release, with a short cover letter/email, to the editor of the department you wish to reach. For example, if your release is about an awareness event, the community relations desk is most likely to publish it. If the mayor or governor is issuing a proclamation, the politics desk is the better choice.

Send a Letter to the Editor

To ensure the best chance of having your letter to the editor published, check the publication’s website for guidance on format, length, submission deadlines, and preferred method(s) of submission. If your letter hasn’t been accepted, don’t give up! Remember that media engagement is the best way to ensure our message is heard.

Get on the Radio

Why not try getting a public service announcement (PSA) on the air? Remember that different stations have different policies for PSAs; some stations accept pre-recorded PSAs while others will only accept transcripts. Find out ahead of time what the requirements are for your local station(s). If your station accepts pre-recorded PSAs, feel free to download one of ours and send it to your local station.

Obtain a Proclamation

Governors, mayors, and county executives around the country may issue proclamations and arrange special events or ceremonies to promote March as Brain Injury Awareness Month on a statewide basis or at the city level. Check the websites for your elected officials to determine if there are specific instructions available. Otherwise, call the office and speak to the person who is in charge of proclamations to find out what the process is for obtaining a proclamation. You can use our proclamation template above to get you started.


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