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Group Administrator Resources

Group Application Fees (as of 1 January 2023)

Cost Level # of Candidates Cost per Person
A 1-4 $325
B 5-29 $250
C 30+ $225

Training Resources

Candidates may either attend a didactic training or engage in self-study. Didactic training is highly recommended to facilitate learning. As such, the training should be considered a learning opportunity rather just a way to study for the exam. This training can take from 8 -12 hours depending on the nature of the training. Training that includes discussions and group activities will take longer than training that involves mostly lecture. However, interactive training sessions will enhance the candidates’ learning and, hopefully, positively impact their clinical work. An ACBIS Trainers’ Manual with supplementary training materials has been developed to assist trainers in this effort.

Official ACBIS training is provided by Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainers (CBIST) and is offered at many Brain Injury Association state affiliate conferences and events and through many service providers across the country. Group administrators are responsible for finding a trainer and coordinating this training. If you would like to participate or host and arrange a training to occur at your own facility, you are welcome to contact us here.

Facility-wide or Regional Training

Here are some helpful tips for establishing an effective ACBIS training program:

  • Training sessions may be scheduled for one or multiple days. Multiple sessions may prevent candidates being overloaded with information.
  • If possible, schedule a review session sometime between the final training session and the exam. Contact ACBIS for more information recommendations for review sessions.
  • Trainers should contact ACBIS for supplementary training materials.
  • The facility or affiliate should support eligible candidates to become ACBIS Trainers to be able to offer regular training sessions throughout the year.
  • Facilities should also consider offering their staff incentives for becoming CBIS. Incentives may include a monetary bonus, pay increase, official recognition, etc.

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