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Group Application Process

Group Administrator Guide

Responsible for arranging training programs, tracking and coordinating the application process, coordinating the testing process, Group Administrators are the conduit between group members and BIAA staff.

A Group Administrator is responsible for arranging training programs, tracking and coordinating application process and fee payment, arrangement of examinations, and and acting as a conduit between group members and ACBIS. The GA is responsible for facilitating the certification process for a group of five or more CBIS/T candidates. Any organizational representative or a member of the group may act as the GA. 

Please click here to review the Group Administrator Job Description, Agreement and Confidentiality Statement.

Step One

Create an account or login to your account. This account site is your individual program portal. You will receive an email with a default password and can change your password under Password Settings.

Note: You may already have an account if you have coordinated another group before or if you are a current ACBIS certificant. If you are organizing a new group and are an applicant, this account will act as your Group Administrator and applicant account. 

Step Two

Under My Assignments, select ACBIS Group Registration Form and click Start. The form must be completed by the designated Group Administrator and should be submitted once a full group (five members or more) has been arranged. Only one form is required per group. 

Click Submit once the form is complete; otherwise, you may click Save and Continue Later to return to the form at another time.  The status of the form should display Submission Received if properly submitted. 

The ACBIS Group Registration Form will be used to review the group members’ applications. The number of group members and their names listed on the form will be used to verify group participation. No report will  be provided unless requested via email. 

Note: A group’s size and fee structure is determined at its inception with each Group Registration Form that is submitted; it is not a rolling registration. Changes, such as adding new members, must be requested to within two weeks of the Group Registration Form submission. Once the request has been received, ACBIS will allow the Group Administrator to modify their previously submitted form. Do not resubmit the form by clicking “Retake” as that will indicate a new group has been created.  

Step Three

Direct each applicant to establish an account, as well, and to complete the application form for the certification they are seeking (Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, or Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer), completing all requirements to prove eligibility.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to apply for certification and complete the online application.

Depending on the certification, they will be instructed to upload a resume or CV, retrieve Employment Verification or enrollment verification, and/or documentation of training expertise.

Applicants will be asked for their application type; they should select “New application – Group member.” 

Applicants will also be required to provide evidence of payment of the application fee.

  • If a group payment was made on behalf of the applicants by your organization, they will need to be provided with either the BIAA Marketplace Confirmation number or the check number.
  • If each applicant is responsible for making a personal payment, direct them to the following payment methods:  

Step Four

Refer your group participants to details on sitting for the examination

The examination is administered online with automated proctoring. Examination sessions are available at all times,  unless the hosting company is maintaining its servers or the servers are full in capacity. Applicants may login at any time to complete the examination once their eligibility has been determined and their applications have been approved for the testing step. 

The certification will be issued upon passing the examination. Certificants can access their certificates under their respective certification course by clicking on the certificate icon or under My certificates.  Certificates can be downloaded/printed by clicking on the icon under Actions.

Retakes: Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first attempt may take one retest within the one year deadline of the initial application submission date at no additional charge. Candidates will need to contact ACBIS for the retake. 

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