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Self-Paced Course (Virtual)

Application & Training Process

The Brain Injury Fundamentals course is available to be taken virtually and at your own pace.

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The information on this page will give an overview of the program. If you’d prefer to view this information in video format, we have a couple options which can be accessed below.


Registration and Payment

Step 1: Register for an Instructor-Led Webinar and Purchase Materials

  • Purchase the Brain Injury Fundamentals Certificate and Self-Paced Training Fee $125
  • This fee includes the certificate and workbook
    • Includes access to training videos, live discussion event, and a copy of the Injury Fundamentals Practical Training Workbook
    • Email for questions
  • Payment deadlines:
    • Online payments by 3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday ship on Friday
    • Payments after 3:00 p.m. EST ship the following Friday
  • Payment options:

Note: application fees are non-refundable

Course Attendance and Completion:

Step 2: Complete the Self-Paced Video Modules

  • Complete the seven online video modules with the workbook
  • Videos are available 24/7
  • Completed videos prior to the webinar

Step 3: Attend the BIF Instructor-Led Live Webinar:

  • Attend the registered instructor-led webinar event
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • At the end of the webinar, the instructor will provide further instructions for the following:
    • Completing the online quiz
    • Requesting the certificate of training

Step 4: Complete the Brain Injury Fundamentals Quiz:

  • Complete the online quiz after completing the required training
  • The quiz is:
    • Open-book and open-notes
    • Composed of 34 multiple-choice questions and 2 ungraded short-answer questions
    • Score of a required minimum of 80% to pass
    • Participants will receive immediate notification of their score upon submission
  • Scores are not shared with anyone other than the candidate
  • Retakes are allowed at no additional cost within one year of the training date

Certificate of Training: Request and Issuance:

Step 5: Complete the Brain Injury Fundamentals Form:

  • Upon achieving a passing score on the quiz, complete the form in the ACBIS Portal to obtain the training certificate
  • Instructions on how to complete the form can be found here
  • Participants have one year from the training date to claim the Brain Injury Fundamentals Certificate of Training

Step 6: Obtaining Brain Injury Fundamentals Certificate of Training:

  • The training certificate will be issued after verification of the following:
    • Payment (Step 2)
    • Course attendance (Step 3)
    • Quiz completion (Step 4)
    • Form submission (Step 5)
  • Processing may take up to five business days
  • Questions and inquiries about application status:

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