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Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist (PCBIS)

Application Process

The Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist (PCBIS) certification is an opportunity for students enrolled in an accredited University program to jumpstart their careers and learn to offer optimal care for individuals with a brain injury.

Applications are maintained for one year, beginning on the date of application. After one year, applications expire and applicants who have not completed the process (application approval, testing, and retesting if necessary) will be required to reapply in order to further pursue certification. 

Step One

Create an account. This account site is your individual program portal. You will receive an email with a default password and can change your password under Password Settings. 

Step Two

Under Information, update your Account and Personal information. 

Step Three

Under My assignments, select Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist (PCBIS) Certification and click Start. 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to complete the application.

Answer all application questions.  

Retrieve and attach a verification of enrollment for your graduate degree program. This can be: 

  • A letter written on university letterhead from your university’s Office of the Registrar, dean’s office, or an academic adviser stating your name and expected date of graduation (month/year);
  • An official enrollment certificate; or
  • Other official enrollment verification documentation. 

Attach your resume/CV in Word or PDF format. 

Pay your application fee; applications will not be processed until payment is confirmed. 

Step Three

Once your complete application (comprising the form, resume/CV, enrollment verification, and payment) is received, your file will be reviewed – processing may take up to two weeks – after which, if approved, you will be able to sit for the examination.

Step Four

The certification will be issued upon passing the examination. 

Instructions to Transition from PCBIS to CBIS Certification

If, at any time during your certification as a Provisional Certified Brain Injury Specialist, you wish to transition to certification as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist: Ensure you meet the requirements, listed here.

The transition requires a fee and submission of the CBIS application along with employment verification; sitting for the examination again is not necessary.

Log in to your individual program portal and select Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Certification. A certificate will be issued once the complete application (comprising the form, resume/CV, employment verification, and payment) has been received and your eligibility has been confirmed. Email us for further information. 

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