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Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Certification Examination

The Brain Injury Association of America's Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) is the nation's premiere brain injury certification program.

Applicants must be deemed eligible for the certification through the application process. All forms and fees must have been submitted prior to being approved to take the examination. Once approved to take the examination, the applicant can access and complete the examination in his/her individual ACBIS program portal. 

Testing Information & Guidelines

  • The examination is administered online with automated proctoring. 
  • Each applicant has two hours to complete the examination (unless accommodations have been requested under the ADA and approved). 
  • Examination sessions are not scheduled in advance. They are available at all times, unless the hosting company is maintaining its servers or the servers are full in capacity. 
  • There are 70 multiple choice questions. All of the questions are equal in value. Each question has five answer choices. There is only one correct answer for each question. 
  • Candidates must score 80% or higher on the examination in order to pass and receive certification. 

Note: Depending on when an applicant sits for the examination, immediate assistance by BIAA’s ACBIS staff may not be available (i.e. outside of normal business hours, weekends, holidays, etc.). 

Permission for automated proctoring (including facial, screen, and audio capture recordings) is required during the entirety of the testing session. System requirements include:

  1. An internet-connected desktop computer or laptop with a working web camera and microphone enabled 
  2. An internet-connected smartphone or tablet with a working camera and ability to scan a QR code 
  3. A photo ID (i.e., driver’s license) 
  4. Chrome or Firefox browser; Google Chrome is recommended

Click here for important exam information, requirements, and instructions. 

This exam is proprietary and belongs to the Brain Injury Association of America. During or after the exam, applicants cannot share or write down questions. The exam is administered online with automated proctoring. Permission for automated proctoring (including facial, screen, and audio capture recordings) is required during the entirety of the exam. The exam should be taken in a quiet room with no distractions. Papers, books, and notes are not allowed at the testing area. If these instructions are printed, please hold them to the screen (visible to the web camera) when being in use. Otherwise, please remove them from the testing area once the examination has begun. No assistance of any kind may be given to or used by the examinee. Cheating can include speaking to another during the testing process, reading papers/notes/books, looking at another screen, stop sharing or leaving the testing screen while taking the test, or leaving the testing area while taking the test. The use of headphones, headsets, earpieces and/or earbuds is prohibited. Use of more than one computer monitor is prohibited. Use of cell phones is prohibited other than for proctoring purposes (i.e., scanning the QR code and setting up camera) and calling ACBIS Staff for troubleshooting technical issues.

Proctoring Report: Your test will be reviewed for suspicious behavior by the system and an ACBIS administrator. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for the proctoring report review. Your personal test report will show as verified once review is complete. 

Notification of Exam Score: Candidates will receive an email notification once the results of their exam score and proctoring report are available. The score can be found in the test report within the individual’s ACBIS portal. Information about individual candidates and examination results will not be released to any party other than candidates or group administrators (if authorized by the candidates). Candidates’ scores are not released to anyone, including the candidate, by telephone. 

Certificate Issuance: Passing of the test and certificate issuance is contingent on scoring 80% or higher on the examination and receiving a positive proctoring report. The certificate is valid for one year and can be found under your ‘My certificates’ tab or attached to the test report within your individual ACBIS program portal. Assuming you meet all the requirements, as a certificant, you have earned the right to display the CBIS credential after your name on a business card, stationary or other professional correspondence. 

Retakes: Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first attempt may take one retest within the one year deadline of the initial application submission date at no additional charge. Candidates will need to contact ACBIS for the retake. 

Suggested Study Resources

The examination is based on current knowledge of theory and practice in brain injury care. Click here to review the ACBIS Examination Study Outline. It should be used in conjunction with the recommended text, Essential Brain Injury Guide, Edition 5.0, Revised, which can be purchased here. A study companion is also made available to help reinforce the concepts learned whether you are attending trainings by a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, participate in group study sessions, or self-study.

You are encouraged to use a variety of sources as part of any study program. The resources recommended in the ACBIS Study Reference List, although not comprehensive, may be useful to review in preparing for the examination. 

ADA Accommodations for ACBIS Examination

ACBIS provides reasonable testing accommodations, guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, to certification candidates with documented disabilities. Candidates should review the information and complete the Request for Accommodations form (here) to be considered for accommodations.

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